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Published: 2021-09-10 09:15:09
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The Benefits of Smartphone Smart phones are daily necessity. Smartphone have a lot of advantages besides making phone calls that few people get the full benefits out of their Smartphone. The biggest benefit of Smartphone is that I never out of touch. There are different ways I can communicate with my friend and the family by using different apps on my Smartphone, for example chat and text messaging allow me to send quick messages to my family and friends, and I can also use my viber app for international calls.
Secondly, Smartphone also allow me to download a lot of useful and fun apps. For instance the automatic reminder, I use this app the most on my phone because it keeps me organized by reminding me of my doctor’s appointments, my exams, and friends’ birthdays. I also use my eBay app for shopping, for mothers like me I have two babies, and it’s hard for me to go out shopping, so using the Smartphone apps made my life easier. Finally, the reasons that I like Smartphone are the multimedia features.
I can use my Smartphone to watch movies or television or I can use it to play games. I can also listen to music while I’m board on the bus or anywhere. Today I don’t have to worry about getting my work done. I can just get on my Smartphone and do the research that I need. Smartphone bring us huge convenient in daily life. As it has multiple functions, people are more rely on it, because Smartphone more than just a phone. It is not only for dialing, but with so many different kinds of functions which make Smartphone so attractive and important for many people.

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