Role of a Butler

Published: 2021-09-12 09:40:11
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Throughout history, the word “butler” has always been associated with service. The dictionary defines a butler as "The principal manservant of a household. " This definition remains true even when the butler is employed in a hotel. When a guest checks in and has occupied his suite, then this becomes his household. The butler caring for him becomes the "manager" of the suite (household) and in effect an employee of the guest.
Services butlers offer differ from place to place, but their activities are basically centered around making the guest more comfortable and sparing them from having to do tedious and time consuming task. A hotel butler is an ambassador who sells the hotel just as much as anyone else and should be considered a key player in a team of professionals striving to deliver a level of personalized service that exceeds not only the expectation of the guest but will add a point of difference from the service provided anywhere else.
Butlers are trained to provide a very personal, and detailed service to their guests. Their main function is to take care of their guest requests, bookings, reservations, problems, complaints, supervise and co-ordinate every service that the guest receives in suite and to ensure guest satisfaction by paying attention to the smallest detail from arrival to departure. Butlers are given the awesome responsibility of contacting guests before arrival to determine their wishes and ensure everything that they like and want to do is arranged before their arrival.

They personally greet guests on arrival, take care of their needs and introduce them to the facilities if they are not familiar with them. They ensure suites are ready, they unpack their suitcases, iron, clean and mend anything that is broken. They provide whatever room service needs the guests may have, from making reservations, purchasing items, bringing and serving food. Butlers are often expected to provide morning wake up drinks, lay out clothes, and keep the guest moving smoothly from one engagement to another. When the time comes to leave, the butler packs the suitcases and ensures a smooth departure.
Having developed a close relationship with the guests, he then stays in touch and ensures the guest returns. A good butler should be multi-skilled and possess certain natural character traits in order to excel at his or her job. They need to possess good organizational skills and communication skills so they can carry out their tasks and perform their job in an efficient manner. They should be flexible and accommodating to a guest’s needs; capable of dealing with people of all ages and from different cultures; friendly, loyal and very subtle and unobtrusive.
They have a responsibility to take ownership of any problems while removing worries and chores from the guest experience; and in the same breath foster that one of a kind unique relationship with them. As an individual who has developed a passion for guest satisfaction and one who works tirelessly in delivering flawless services in a highly professional manner, I am convinced that the role of a butler is an excellent job opportunity for me and I most certainly do possess all the above mentioned character traits that exemplifies a superb butler.

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