Saudi Arabia–United States Relations

Published: 2021-09-11 16:35:08
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has cordial relations with most of its neighbouring countries, especially those that are part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). It has made significant efforts to settle disputes regarding borders and helped considerably in improving the relations with Yemen and United Arab Emirates. Although relations with Iraq were tense after the Kuwait invasion, they got better in 2003 when the regime was overthrown. In 2008, Prince Saud al Faisal aimed to appoint an ambassador in Iraq and initiated a diplomatic mission in Baghdad.
It has been a mediator in regional crises and has supported the Palestianian-Israel negotiations. Saudia Arabia’s role in the Gulf War has helped it in developing new allies in 1991 and improving its existing relations. King Abdullah has played a big role in providing monetary assistance and resolved regional crises in Sudan, Lebanon and Somalia. Although the relations between Saudi Arabia and Algeria, Libya and Tunisia were strained after the Kuwait invasion, now they have returned back to normal. Relations were Jordan are also very good.
United States knowing that Saudi Arabia has the largest oil reserves and a strategic location has always tried to stregthen ties with this nation. In 1944, the United States embassy opened in Jeddah but diplomatic relations established a long way before that in 1933. The embassy in Jeddah later became the Consulate General for United States. The two countries share common economic interests, concerns over sustainable development, terrorism and security. Having good relationships with these countries is important because United States is highly dependent on the oil exports of Saudi Arabia.

Whereas, US is the largest trading partner for Saudia Arabia. Exports from United States also find their way into Saudi Arabia as it is the largest market for US exports in the Middle East region. The US also provides training and support in terms of weapons and security services to the Saudi forces. Saudi Arabia has also bought military weaponary and other equipment from the United States. The prosperity of both countries lies in building and maintaining good relationships with each other.

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