Ovid: the Art of Love

Published: 2021-09-07 03:00:12
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Ovid: The Art of Love There have been numerous questions that have always confused mankind since the early days. The significance of life, how everything functions, is there a god of every single topic that still confuses humans. Although those concepts create a good argument, a topic that is time consuming in our lives is how to pick up on women. A main example of how old that problem has bothered men is in the book of Ovid: The Art of Love. We independently come up with our own style of picking up on a female through personal experiences and knowing stories.
The majority advice given by Ovid is dead to me but there are a few things I do concur. Ovid seems like a man who has a well-built resume of being familiar with women as well as learned from other stories. The majority things he said in the book I am already familiar with and while I was reading I laughed at how time affects this topic very little. The first thing I have noticed was Ovid’s recommendation of judging a woman only during the day because all perspectives change when the combination of night and drinking are mixed. Even during the day can be difficult.
You are walking behind them saying in your mind, “She is attractive”. But once you get the opportunity to pass by them and take a quick look back how many times have I said, “What was I thinking? ” Nighttime is very similar but to an even greater degree. It isn’t until you are close enough to say if she is cute or not. This also goes for nightclubs where it is intentionally dark and misleading. Women that you danced with and looked marvelous the entire night immediately transform when the place is lighted up. That is why you get the digits in a lighted area if you are concerned about the looks.

If not, then by all means take advantage of the darkness. In the present day, very little have maids so getting familiarized with the woman’s maids is getting familiar with her friends in a platonic manner, for the time being at least. If a woman likes you but her friends don’t then the all she is going to hear from them is how you do not deserve her and how an awful person you are. Every mistake you commit will be blown out of proportion and if you do something good will be rendered as you being phony and saying all sorts of things just aiming to get into her pants.
Ovid having knowledge of keeping yourself in shape and clean in the era of very few baths and dirt is beyond impressive. Being lazy, dirty or unfit is a bad sign for women that there will be little effort at anything including a relationship. You do not necessarily need to wear fancy clothes but wearing dirty clothes is a turn-off in my opinion. We live in a heavyset nation where being fit not only benefits your health but is also an advantage to your interactions with the ladies. It does not necessarily mean you have to be a body builder but most girls find it a plus when a guy is athletic and can keep up.
Makes them aware of you not being afraid of a workout. Compliments and flatteries may take you far if done in a subtle and discreet method. Considerably, I hear guys who spit game in a very direct and sometimes insulting manner. Speak to women in ways that flatter them and make them blush. Lying in this case is not only recommended but at times necessary. If she has a voice that cracks glass say it is a melancholic voice that sooths the mind and soul. It’s a white lie and really no harm comes from it. Ovid has the fair idea on how to deal with a sad woman.
When she gets pissed off, don’t accumulate on her current troubles. The best thing is to be there for her, hear her problems and always support her decisions even if the issue is stupid or non-existent. Non-existent problems are abundant times that are self-esteem related but can just be made up problems such as why is. No matter what she says hold her and don’t let go, not in a sexual way just show her that you are there for her. “I’m the poor man’s poet, was poor myself as a lover, couldn’t afford gifts, so spun words. ” The rich and the poor have two very different ways of wooing a girl. Girls praise a poem, but go for expensive presents:” Who needs a crappy poem when you can give diamonds. In my opinion, money doesn’t always bring success, but does make things a lot easier. Regardless of money entities and personality is needed for love to happen, love of money is different as loving someone. Money comes and goes rapidly opposed to feelings linger. One aspect I do disagree with is being the woman’s slave and allowing her to cheat on you. It is acceptable to please her and allow her to have it her way to a certain extent but being her slave is a huge negative.
Be attentive to her but do not let her become your everything. Allow for each other some space for you to hang out with the guys every so often and let her be out with the girls. Even if they go clubbing, they just remain in their own small circle of friends and reject all guys that confront them. Be her friend, her lover and her emotional support opposed to being her slave. If you catch her cheating then it becomes a different story. Do you decide to leave her because she is not trustworthy and might be repetitive with her actions or stay and work things out.
I would say leave her because there are so many fishes left in the sea and you are too valuable for a woman to treat you like you are nothing to her. One thing that most males do not learn from and Ovid mentioned is that competition creates a wanting feeling. I am not saying to purposely go out, cheat on her and force them both to compete for your love. Do not let her flirtatious ways blind you, which she mostly cannot help being flirtatious. Since the beginning, you noticed she was a flirt and cannot go wrong there.
Instead of getting mad step your game up and flirt as well. Demonstrate to her she is not the only one that can get attention from the opposite sex. Again, do not go as far as to get another woman’s phone number while she is right next you which is a mindless move. Ovid got into too much detail and expected women to be close to perfect to get a guys’ attention because it does not take much effort to catch our eyes. One thing for women is to not be lazy because if you are then it might seem you are kind of boring and result our conversations to be short and dull.
Do not look filthy, just make sure your clothes are clean and you smell good. The best approach is just make sure you don’t look like you haven’t taken care of yourself in months. Also be fit and healthy, I find that very attractive in a girl. You may call it curves and what not but if that is what you look like now what are you going to look like when your metabolism slows down and age starts revealing. Do not cheat, it is understandable if you are a flirt and you might not be able to help it but there is a huge difference between innocent flirting and flirting on purpose.
This goes to the flirting subject, do not try and make your special someone jealous more often than not it leads to complications. Be there for your guy when he has troubles. We seem to be immune to emotions but that’s hardly the case, we just hide them way better. Beware of guys with the wrong intentions. If you are not sure if a guy has the right intentions ask the guys that know him and more likely they will tell you the truth because they themselves don’t like seeing girls get hurt by his actions. Allow us to protect you in some way or form even though we know you’re an independent woman.
We have the natural instinct to protect our partner. Chivalry is not dead it’s just rare. Don’t give into our every wish and don’t expect to have every demand met we both have our opinions and beliefs. A relationship is working through them in a mutually benefiting manner. Know how your friends are and be sure to keep an eye on those who are seen with different guys constantly they might go after yours. When it comes to the sensual arts, don’t give in too easy. Let desire, passion, lust build up until it just explodes in a fury of ecstasy.
Tell the guy what you like and what you don’t, if he doesn’t listen then he doesn’t deserve you. The opposite sex will always seem very distant and strange but in reality we share most of the same desires and needs. People grow with their morals and opinions set a certain way, when they meet someone they like those ideals might into question that is why we have conflicts and that is why we appear to be so different. This will always confuse both men and women but for love to occur mutual understanding as well as trust needs to take place.

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