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Published: 2021-09-15 16:30:07
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Daisy and Johann were together in one renowned university in Malaysia called University of Science Malaysia.  They were both in their second year college when Johann first met Daisy at the University's Registrar's office during an interview for a scholarship.  Her silent and evading ways caught the attention of the young man.  He tried coming near her to start a conversation, but no amount of effort gave him a chance to get acquainted with her that day.  A week after, he read in the Bulletin Board that Daisy topped the scholarship, and found a valid reason to congratulate her.
Waiting for her in the hallway, he grabbed every opportunity to greet her, "Congratulations Daisy, I saw your name on the Bulletin Board...."  He was never allowed to finish his greetings for immediately Daisy rushed into her Chemistry class.
Nodding his head sideways, he tried to squeeze himself in the crowd just to get near to Daisy for the second time in their encounter.

"Hello! Have I done wrong?" inquired Johann.
Daisy looked at him with a straight and sharp look and said "We don't even know each other!"
"I understand, I am Johann, and I'm interested to be your friend,” he said stretching his arm to shake hands with Daisy.
But she refused to meet it and instead she said, "Okay, I hope only until then! Bye."
Daisy hated him so much ever since the first day they met in the registrar's office, she already noticed his being forward.  But at the same time, she couldn't understand what she was feeling inside her.  He preoccupied her thoughts most of the time and whenever it happened it excited a lot. What’s more, she loved see him from a distant every time classes would end.  These thrilling feelings were so disturbing and caused some sleepless nights.  She hoped such feelings would end, so that she could concentrate in her studies and do more to excel.
It was late in the afternoon the following day when Daisy noticed somebody following her. She sped up and hurried on her way until at the corner of the building there was no more way of escape.  "Why such a rush?" said the man she hated most but at the same time the one who brings color to her life these last few days.
"Nothing, ah,…I still  have to do some research in the library," Daisy formally replied.
"Library?! It has been closed since four this afternoon, hah!?!"  Johann said sarcastically.
"And for what reason are you following me? You annoy me so much, and I hate it!" she said nervously, being scared also to lose him that very moment.
"I'm sorry; I know I have been trying to get your attention.  Can I walk with you home?"
"What for, I can manage."
"Yes, of course you can, but you see I was just trying to be a friend."  Daisy didn’t know how to react in such a situation and tried every reason to again evade his company.
Having known of her ways, Johann quickly engaged into a conversation hoping to get her this time.  To his dismay Daisy made her way of escape for the third time.
Exhausted when she arrived the dorm, she was sulking and crying.  She hated herself.  She knew she like him, but at the same time she was scared and  just didn’t know what to do and how to act when he was around.
The sun began to set when the phone rang.  "Hello!   Daisy, it's me Johann, let me get things straight, I found myself in love with you when I first met you. That’s the reason why I become a shadow to you.  I know I irritate you, but please can we just talk so that I may have time to explain?"
Daisy found herself nervous, and speechless.  "Daisy, are you still there? Okay, can we meet tomorrow? Please, I'll meet you in the hallway after your Chemistry class, and then we'll go somewhere else to talk".
This time Johann made sure he will be the one to hang-up the phone first, and said
"Good-bye, see you..."
The night seemed very long, but how she wished it will be longer so that she could meet with Johann.  But no matter what she did, she had to be in her Chemistry class, and Johann was just on time as he promised.
This time she decided to meet with him and hope to end everything despite her feelings.  The next time she realized she's already with Johann in the park, and as they exchanged ideas and got to know each other found themselves in a mutual understanding that they were already as boy-girl who are in an exclusive intimate relationship.
Since then, Johann would always be around to fetch her from her Chemistry class, and they would always end up working on their assignments together or study each of their lessons hurriedly to be able to still have time discussing their personal lives.  This had been for two to three months, and how they treasured their time together, until one day Daisy opened a long been buried mail in her internet.  It was the news of her scholarship in Oxford some three months from now.
When Johann came to her life, she forgot her application for a scholarship and having passed it, she is now called for a decision.  It is either her future career or staying in Malaysia with Johann.  She tried a lot to postpone thinking about it, but she was overtaken by the news in the University announcing her scholarship in Oxford.  Soon after the breaking of the news, Johann did not wait after the Chemistry class would end.  Before it started he was already outside the classroom waiting for her.
"I'm sure it was true...Are you going? Ah, yes, I know you are of course..."  then he left, not knowing what to say more, and fearful to hear the answer.
Johann did not arrived after the Chemistry class, for the first time since they were related Daisy walked her way to the dorm by herself, once more a lone figure.  After a few minutes the phone rang.
"Hello! Daisy, I'm sorry, it was just difficult for me.  I tried to refuse thinking about it, but you see, is it not that if we are really for each other, we will meet again?"
"Thank you for understanding Johann, but I know I will be missing you a lot, and as of today, I cannot yet imagine how will it be far from you., I love you Johann, I just knew it.”
"I love you Daisy, sorry to miss you after your Chemistry Class, can I still go there in your dorm?"
"I'll be waiting..."
Daisy hanged up the phone with a smile on her face. She was assured that Johann understood her and that their relationship had a hope in the future.

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