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Published: 2021-08-30 22:55:08
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The Leadership Plan Project has caused me to carefully access my Leadership. I have observed my areas of weakness and strength in detail. In whatever we are doing whether it is leading a ministry or business the concept of servant leadership works best. It is not a strategy but a type of heart that Christ has formed in believers. Servant Leadership Constructs Agape Love: "This love leads to serve the best interest of others, Illuminating the corporate culture, and freeing the leader from self-doubt, self-criticism and self-imposed limitations (Patterson p. 2003). In terms of committing my time to those under my Influence I have done well, however I would say that sometimes I have an element of self -doubt, self-criticism, self-imposed limitation. I am learning that the more you focus on others the less time you have beating up yourself. Any time I attend to the needs of others; I am free in my mind and can believe God for anything. Humility: "Servant Leaders are not arrogant, they see things from another's perspective and show appreciation and respect for leadership within the organization.
The servant leader Is not Interested In their mage or in being exalted, they are more concerned about being accountable" (Patterson p. 6, 2003). In ministry it was a process learning how to be accountable. As a young adult minister we had meetings where team members would state corrections I needed to make. Through this process I discovered that leader should be the most humble on the team. Humility also gives you peace with yourself. Altruism: Altruism Is strong concern for the welfare of others. As an employee I have been on the receiving side where companies only concern is getting the work done.
Very little concerned was shown to employees. However this experience taught me how to behave when I become a business owner. As a manager I must first care about the wellbeing of my employees before I approach the situation of getting the work done. Vision: Patterson (2003) states that the servant leaders focus on the future state of the individual members of the organization. I am a strong visionary, I always Like to see where we plan on going before we take a step and move. I love seeing the big picture. There were times where I would share my Sino with my team members and it seemed that they were not entertaining of the vision.

Followers usually want to know where they fit in the vision. Are they being uplifted in the vision? Those are self-reflecting questions I had to ask myself. Trust: This construct under the servant leadership concept is somewhat heartfelt to me. To know that Christ trusted me with his Son even when I felt I was Incapable of doing well has given me a deeper meaning of the word trust. I use to think that If I trust this person how I will be sure they wont fail. I have come to the complete revelation that o one is immune to failing. The human race is an imperfect race so why should I expect perfection.
Empowerment: is entrusting power to others; actually it is giving it away' (Patterson, p. 8, 2003). I believe that this is the art of uplift others, making them see their significance. I once heard a statement saying: "followers are your assets". I have taken It further to see followers as leaders under your care. Service: short staffed or someone needs help, the manager would put on her scrubs and get right to work. My pastor always makes a statement that there are no supervisors in he God's kingdom but only servants. That is the type of leader I aspire to be.
I basically see it as what I expect from my leaders I should first expect from myself. Motivation Gifts Test and LIP Assessment Based on the responses you provided, we have computed the following scores for you (on a scale to 100 percent): The Perceiver: 40 % The server: The Teacher: The Encourager: 60 % The Giver: The Ruler: 75% Showing Mercy: 52% How the tests relate to me as a Leader The results about my motivational gifts confirmed to me what I have been learning about myself. According to the results I possessed a gift strong in the area off ruler.
I did not want to accept this because I saw this gift as road to arrogance. When I read the description I realized that a ruler is servant gift like all the others. The ruler is a visionary, organizer, administrator, and a gift that moves everyone towards the same goal. All of these describe the way I see situations. I was not pleased to see that I score fair on the serving gift. My plan is to develop myself in that area. The same feeling go for the mercy gift. The LIP explained a lot, on an average I score well. My interest is in my ability to develop cooperate relationships in the organization.
As I make steps to start my own business I notice that the line between working and relationships is very thin. I scored an average 7 on this aspect. It is interesting because the servant leader constructs are pathways to healthy relationships in the work place. Strength I see my strength as being able to see the end point of projects and goals, my ability to commit to others and see the big picture. When I believe in a cause, I put all my energy and time into that purpose. I have openness to new things and thirst for adventure. Weakness I would not consider myself not to strong in the area of writing.
It is sometimes difficult for me to adaptation to transitions that happened spontaneously. I also tend to over analyze situations people and circumstances. A man of God once told me that if you are moved by individuals' criticism you also be moved by their praise. Be dead to both! Balancing Work and Family 1 Timothy 5:8- "But if any one does not provide for his own and his household he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever". In the area of work and family, the scripture teaches us that the wellbeing of your family is a picture of Christianity.
Also 1 Timothy 3:5 states "If a man cannot manage his household how can he take care of the family of God" This means that family comes first. Even though I am minister, I am no less a son, a brother, a friend. According to scripture my work should not interfere to the point of losing my family. My Role in the Global Society I see my role in the society as a light shining in the darkness. My role is to use to provide a source of income to families. My role in the global community is to express Christ principals in the area of administration.
My role is also to encourage others and help them see who God created them to be and be free from all self- imposed limitation. Personal Action Steps within the Scope of God's plan. Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the thoughts and plans I have towards you, they are thoughts/plans of good and not of evil; to give hope and an expected destination" 1 . All plans come from God and I believe God places his plan in our heart in the form of ideas. My first step is to identify with the ideas I have in my mind. 2. Write the ideas/ plans on paper. It is important for record keeping.

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