Funny Memory

Published: 2021-09-10 08:45:07
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Funny Memory New Year is coming; many of my friends have made a plan of where to go and what to do. Some go to Taipei attending the countdown party nearby Taipei 101. Some go home to enjoy the delight wither their family, and so do I. It seems that everywhere is full of joyful atmosphere. However, I got a bad news recently that my mother told my father’s company asked him to be on a business trip to Indonesia for three weeks. I think it is pity that I cannot share the happiness of the New Year with my father.
I remembered that when I was ten years old, I cried very hard as soon as I got the news that my father was asked to be on a business trip to China by his company for two months. At that time, I supposed that the business trip was just an excuse of my father. The real purpose was that he wanted to abandon the family and leave us alone. Therefore, I hugged his leg and begged my father not to go to China. I don’t know why I have such that stupid thought at that time.
Maybe I saw much news about business men who go to china and have an affair with young girls in China and never come back to Taiwan again. I never forget this funny and embarrassed memory until now. Fortunately, my father came back to Taiwan safely at that time. And now he is still being a good father and does his best to give us a comfortable life and a warm home. I hope that my father will finish the business trip safely as usual. And I also look forward to sharing the trip with him.

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