Fundraising Event At St. Therese’s Parish

Published: 2021-09-11 23:45:09
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As part of the 75th anniversary of St. Therese’s Parish, the parish family, together with Monsignor Robert MacArthur has campaigned for a fundraising event that will support the festive celebration of its institution. The fundraising activity will involve the sales of the St. Therese’s 75th Anniversary Cookbook, which is a compilation of approximately 75 favorite and traditional recipes submitted by members of the parish themselves. The St.
Therese’s 75th Anniversary Cookbook is a product of the members of the parish who are dedicated to serve the parish in their very own personal way. The cookbook will be sold for only $5. 00 a piece and all proceeds will go to the celebration of St. Therese’s 75th anniversary. The cookbook is dedicated to all former priests, sisters and parishioners who have provided their hard work and commitment to the parish in the early days and years, which in turn developed the foundation of what we now see at St. Therese’s Parish.
It is well-known that many hands—and hearts, as well as God’s grace, have molded the current parish. The St. Therese’s 75th Anniversary Cookbook is composed of several sections—appetizers and beverages, salads and dressings, soups and sauces, vegetables, main dishes, breads, desserts, and even canning procedures, that will be very helpful to every home. Each entry has been lovingly written and submitted by parishioners, with their goal of sharing their good home recipes and at the same time helping out in raising funds for the coming joyous event at St.

Therese’s. The St. Therese’s 75th Anniversary Cookbook will be available at the parish entrance after Holy Mass and will also be available at the corner grocery store, along Main Street and West Avenue. So hurry up and grab a copy of the St. Therese’s 75th Anniversary Cookbook and be part of the joyful group that is eager to share their oneness with the parish in raising funds for its 75th anniversary celebration!

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