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Published: 2021-09-15 00:55:08
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Question no. 2 As we all know that everyone has their own favorite place which they want to go. The place is whether in our own country or overseas. Before travelling they need to have some preparation in term of financial. Some people like to travel from their country to other country or overseas, they need to have some preparation on their financial because the budget is not very cheap. While others who like to travel locally they no need to worry about the budget because it is cheaper than travelling overseas.
Most of the people like to travel overseas because they want to survey their place, their lifestyle, and their society. For me, I prefer Bintulu as my favorite place because I like their environment. Even though they Bintulu is smaller when compare to other city but people who live in Bintulu is very polite and friendly. I have a lot of friend in Bintulu which I wish to meet up with them and hang out together.
Due to the increasing population in Bintulu the minister of Bintulu are trying the best to increase the facilities such as hospital, shopping mall, Wi-Fi area and public telephone. The government is built cafe shop and shopping mall near to the housing estate. As the result, these facilities can help the society the better way of living and it’s easier for them to walk to the cafe shop or shopping mall. Besides, in Bintulu the environment is very clean. Other than that, the security in Bintulu is very reliable because the police done their duty.

I also want to visit their beach which nearer to the Centre of the city. The beach is very beautiful and many people have their family vacation there. Other than that, while visiting, the visitor have the chance to drink sweet coconut. As a conclusion, this is the reason why Bintulu is my favorite place. Other than the facilities, security, society and environment which are clean, safe and enjoyable. Bintulu can also know as my second home because I feel safe and comfortable. I would like to visit my friend in Bintulu.

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