Experiment On Flies and Mosquitoes

Published: 2021-09-13 13:55:09
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As of the mosquito, citronella can really repel it, and it is now proven by scientists. But as of the ants and the flies, we are trying to work on a simple experiment in which it can repel or kill them.
Objectives: 1 . ) We used our classroom as the scenario, and as we all know, there are many ants, flies and mosquitoes in it. And we can't concentrate in what we are doing because of them. So, we conducted this s. I. P. To make us comfortable in our room without disruptions Just to kill mosquitoes, flies and ants. 2. ) We can also use this in our houses, if there are infestations of mosquitoes, ants or flies. 3. This liquid is not smelly as the others are, so you can breathe well even spraying it. 4. ) Our project only uses organic materials and we don't use Cuff's that can destroy our ozone. Significance: Our project might not be the first project to kill mosquitoes, flies and ants, but our only uses organic materials which is not common in making project insecticides. We decided to make this project for us to create our own version of organic insecticides.
Our project is important nowadays because almost all of the commodities are now expensive, and we need to use our available resources as an alternative to all. And we chose to create an insecticides. Scope and limitations: alternative of In other insecticides, they can also kill cockroaches and even mice, but we chose not to our members because when we discussed how to conduct the experiment of it, one of suggested that we would be having a hard time catching cockroaches and mice, and we've all agreed to this.

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