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Published: 2021-09-15 14:45:10
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The concept of Emotional Intelligence (EIQ) may seem foreign to some. However, its lack of popularity does not mean that it is significant. Emotional Intelligence provides individuals with an insight into their personality. It helps people to identify the areas of their behavior that they may need to improve. Just like the IQ, the EIQ serves as a valuable measure by which people can learn about their weaknesses and strengths.
There are various free EQ surveys available online. One of the websites that provide a free EIQ test is Discovery Health. The test I took was composed of a series of questions that required me to rate myself based on how much I feel the given statement applies to me. While I was taking the test, I remembered the multitude of personality tests that were administered in high school. The statements I was answering were very similar in nature to those I used to answer in school.
As I responded to each question, I tried to look back on situations where the given statements applied. For each statement, I tried to remember the number of instances where I did as the statement said. At the end of the test, I found out that I scored average. Quite frankly, I was relieved to find out that I was the same as most people. However, the results also enlightened me to the fact that there is room for improvement in my life. There is so much that I can do to make myself a better person most especially in the way I relate to people and on how I maximize my talents and abilities. As the website’s explanation said, “You are not taking full advantage of your potential.” Basically, my results suggest that I should constantly seek for improvement in how I deal with others and in how I utilize my skills.

As earlier mentioned, my results suggest that there is still room for improvement. I can still change and become a better person. There is still a chance for me to increase my EIQ. The website suggested that one way by which I can improve my score is by learning new skills and honing the skills that I have already acquired. Also, it was suggested that I learn new ways by which I deal with people. Indeed, these are the two primary ways by which I can develop myself.
New skills will be greatly beneficial for it will make me more competent and capable of handling a wider range of tasks. However, learning new skills is not enough. In order to become a better person, I should be able to develop the ability to fully utilize such skills and to discern which ones will be needed for certain situations. Better decision making is key in enhancing one’s EIQ.
In terms of improving the way I deal with people, I know that I must develop better communication skills. Relationships with others rely heavily on communication. Logically, better communication will mean better relationships. As such, it is evident that improving my communication skills is a key element in the development of my personality and in the enhancement of my emotional intelligence.
Tests such as the one I took should not be taken as a complete assessment of an individual. It must be considered merely as a possible indication of how a person behaves. Having said such, I believe that every person has always room to grow and develop. There is always something new to learn or something to improve. Learning and developing has no end. They are constant processes that are a part of life.

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