Compare and Contrast the Revolutions

Published: 2021-09-11 21:45:10
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During the frame of the Romantic Period, there were many revolutions through 1798-1832. First the Americans, then the French, and ending with the English. All three of these historical events had a huge effect on one another by one ending, and the next one beginning. Follow the differences between the three. Starting off with the American Revolution (1776-1783). The British started to build up their empire. Next the started with the revolt of the thirteen American colonies. In the American war of Independence, Britain won, leaving the country with huge war debts and with out the American Revenue (keeps the British wealthy).
Next, the French Revolution and the era of Napoleon (1798-1815). July 1798, a violent political upheavals and radical change in the French National government took into play. This happened because, an angry crowd of Frenchmen stormed the Bastille, in able to protect the oppressive policies of the French monarchy. British liberals looked to revolutionary France for new models of political freedom, but how British points its fingers to the French to justify their repressive policies. Finally, the Industrial Revolution in England.
This was in the time frame that they started inventions of machines to do work at home. In the 19th century England began moving from a traditional rural, agricultural society to a more modern, urban, and industrialized states. Abundant of landless people became to have no choice but to move to crowded cities, and work in squalid, dangerous factories for low pay. The a lot in common in some certain categories. They had times where there was horrible labor jobs for low pay. Next, they divided the wealth where each job you were paid less.

As you worked during the revolution it was a bad environment because of all the combat that was going on. Last it would end even worst because the country would lose a lot of money and have meager economic problems. They also had various differences on many levels. The way they had a revolutions were totally different situations. Also their time fames were divided it didn’t happen all at once. It wasn’t the same countries over and over. Different people were involved and it took place at multiple places.

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