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Published: 2021-09-14 01:00:13
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Marketing is an activity present in all companies where marketing strategies determine the outcome of the products and the company itself. To test to see if marketing is successful, it is necessary to measure where the company was and where it is now.
This can be carried out with tracking studies monitoring the market position and changes to the brand image over time or, for particular campaigns, measuring pre- and post- event to see what has changed. This is project report is a market survey study to check the Brand awareness of Acer and thereby figure out the measures that can be implemented to lift the current level of awareness. This study is based on the data collected from the (customers) people regarding their awareness of the PC vendors in the market today then zeroing it into the brand Acer.
The means of collecting data were through personal interviews, distributing the questionnaire, and online survey questionnaire. Also observation during the interviews helped a lot in the analysis. To facilitate the analysis of the study I concentrated in two different segments which were based on the demographic segmentation (occupation-Students, working profile and SME) and geographic segmentation (places-Coimbatore, Chennai and Bangalore). Acer stands number four behind Dell. The visibility and awareness for the brand Acer among people is average. About 20% of the people have not heard about Acer.

Moreover on an average about 55% of the segmented people perceive Acer to be a national brand in collaboration with Wipro India (Wipro Acer). The perceptions on few product parameters were also measured which resulted in a good quality, fair or average service, and good affordable price, fair performance and good features. Though Acer has the highest network of retail outlets less number of people has actually visited them. Comparatively HP has more number of visits. Lenovo though being a new entrant in the market has already made its place. There is a tuff competition being faced by Acer with Lenovo.
All these things finally zero into average awareness of the brand and the awareness which is already there is also through word of mouth, so this may lead to negative or positive propagation of the brand. The data (300 samples) was compiled in SPSS and analyzed with respect to the two categories of segments. Acer is number one in Europe and other countries globally. Considering the primary data available Acer India is one of the youngest players in India. It has performed very well in the recent years (2001 to 2006). In the past five years it faced a tremendous steady growth rate of about 49% in India. Therefore though the awareness amongst people was not all that good Acer still lies in the area where if prompt and good advertising strategies were formulated and implemented the awareness will lift to a great extent.
The brand increasingly is becoming the key source of differentiation that guides customer purchase choice. It is the focal point around which an organization defines how it will uniquely deliver the value to the customer for a profit-effectively embodying the “heart and soul” of that organization. The brands promise is delivered through its products and services, and consumer communication- the total consumer relationship and experience. The act of creating public awareness of a specific brand in order to maximize its recognition, successful brand awareness strategies should define a company's uniqueness and set it apart from competitors.
Quite simply, if potential customers do not know about a company, they will not purchase from it. Therefore, one of the preeminent goals of any business should be to build brand awareness, although in as cost-effective manner as possible. Consumers tend to make purchasing decisions based on peer recommendations and direct experience, as well as traditional advertising methods. This is why it is necessary to build brand awareness strategies out by instilling trust among consumers. This trust must be achieved through credibility, rather than just a catchy advertising campaign.
Promotional marketing involving a one-to-one component is proving increasingly effective at building trust and acquiring new customers. Brand building begins with awareness. Consumers first must be aware that there are different brands for the product they want to buy even before making a purchase decision, for which visibility is very important to create awareness.
Acer India was incorporated in September 9, 1999 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Acer Inc. , the world’s No. 4 PC brand. Acer’s mission in India is to translate the group’s goal in making computer technology easier to use and more affordable-to everyone in this country. In shot p, Acer has managed to bridge the gap between product launches worldwide and in India and also offer fresh technology without any inventory backlog. Headquartered in Bangalore, today Acer India has offices in twelve cities including Ahemedabed, Chandigarh, Chennai, Guwahati, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Nagpur,New Delhi, Pune, Secunderabed and has its uniload facility in Pondicherry. I has now a customer base of over 180,000 in India.
There are over 125 human resource team in India comes with over 700 man-year of IT experience, geared to listen and provide to the IT user in India the very best in sales & marketing support, after-sales support backed up with infrastructure to bring fresh technology to India. The history of ACER starts from a long way back making its steps of success in every step it takes. 1976-1983 Commercializing microprocessor technology Acer is founded under the name Multitech Designs Taiwan’s first mass-produced compute for export.
Becomes the first company to promote 16-bit PC products in Taiwan 1984-1994: Build brand awareness and globalize Acer Peripherals, now known as BenQ corp. , and Multiventure Investments Inc. established Acer beat IBM with 32 bit PCs Acer Inc. launches IPO Acer creates the world’s first 3865x 33 chipset Acer introduces the world’s first dual Intel Pentium PC Acre introduces Chip Up technology, the world’s first 386-to-486 single chip CPU upgrade solution 1994-2004: Transform from manufacturing to services Acer introduces the world’s first dual Intel Pentium PC
Aspire Park, acer’s multifunctional high-tech intelligence park inaugurated Acer launches Aspire, the multimedia PC, creating a new bench marks for home computers Acer re-engineers its OEM unit to create Wiston Crop. , an independent design and IT manufacturing company Acer reveals a new generation of e-business: MegaMicro e-Enabling Services Acer notebook ranked first in Western Europe. 2004: Acer wins awards in all product categories AC 713 rated the best performance Monitors Altos G 520 Server gets Digit Best Buy Gold Award Veriton 7600 rated the Editors Choice TravelMate 292 LCi rated Best Performance Notebook
To Perform Few IT companies offer the breadth and depth of products that the Acer Group does. Acer is the only PC vendor in India that has a product for each market segment-be it a large corporates, the SME, SOHO or even the corner office enterprises. The product line includes a broad array of personal computing products segmented under the desktop, laptop and server categories.
Acer India Pvt. Ltd. has a vast product portfolio. The four main product categories are as follows 1) Desktops 2) Notebooks There are many more sub- divided products under each different product variety. Those are as follows:  In the desktop segment, Acer’s product range ps the SOHO segment, corner office, manageable desktops, SMEs, STPI etc. this makes Acer the only PC Company that offers such a wide range. Most other companies have products that are not distinct, and overlap each of these segments. Acer Aspire Series Desktops built to cater to a growing demand in the home segment.
Acer’s continuing commitment to bring technology closer to our customers has resulted in a core technology that is now integrated into our entire product range. Acer’s Empowering Technology presents users with friendly and intuitive interface by presenting a single key and following a simple “123” process, gives fast and easy access to cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Veriton Series Ideal for enterprises large or small, Veriton PCs are built for peak performance, with security features, proven system reliability, and convenience offering that amplify productivity and perfect business sense.
The current desktops range are as below with a wide variety of product line. ASPIRE V820 The fastest dual core DT from Acer, the Aspire V820 is powered by a latest Intel Pentium D 820 (2. 8 GHz); is configured with 256 MB RAM for powerful performance; features a DVD/CD-R/W combo drive; comes fitted with a 80 GB SATA HDD for ample storage space; connects to a set of functional speakers for the multimedia experience; offers a 56 Kbps fax/modem port and a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port for flexible connectivity; and, displays vide a 17" CRT monitor for comfortable viewing.
Acer Power (945GZ)
The Acer Power 945GZ offers users’ high end features like Gigabit LAN and PCI Express X16 technology at value for money prices. Acer Power M8 Acer becomes the first in India to commercially launch the new Socket AM2 based AMD products offering the power of DDR-II SDRAM on AMD platform. Acer Power 335 Acer Power 335 is the Entry level product for customers looking for Value machine with complete specifications Notebooks Acer was among the first to build notebooks with Intel Centrino mobile technology, liberating users to work witj wireless environments, offering wireless mobility for the new age road warrior.
Acer’s laptops have revolutionary features that offer an astounding battery life, thermal management- more than nay other laptop offering. Acer TravelMate Series A range of the world’s most award wining notebooks, Acer TravelMate is designed to empower enterprises SMB and SOHO users with the ultimate in mobile computing performance. Available at every possible price point, and offering unmatched value through innovations like Disc Anti-Shock Protection System, Smart Card Security, and high-speed wireless capability to name a few.
Acer Ferrari Series This is the result of the victorious partnership with Scuderia Ferrari; the Ferrari series of notebooks sport the patented Ferrari-Black& Red color, and offers sheer performance that’s truly worthy of Ferraris passion and Acer’s technology. The various types of products in the notebook series are showcased below. TravelMate 2420 Series Rich entertainment with long lasting mobility Driven by an Centrino @ 1. 7GHz Processor, 14. 1" Wide Screen XGA TFT Screen, 6-cell battery and wireless 802. 1b/g connectivity for long lasting mobility, the TravelMate 2428NWXCi is extremely rich in features. This trendy notebook is packed with Centrino Mobile technology, dual-channel memory, 60 GB huge storage- giving users everything they need for work and play - for unrivalled value! Acer GridVista, an innovative software utility, boosts convenience and efficiency. Especially useful for making the most of 12. 1" WXGA wide-aspect LCDs, Acer GridVista automatically resizes open application windows to fit the screen, simultaneously SERVERS In the server category, Acer dominates the entry and mid level space, which actually constitutes 90% of the total server market.
Acer offers everything from basic data storage to full fledged enterprise solutions. Acer Altos Series Commercial users and enterprises derive unmatched value from Altos Servers and storage solutions. These ranges of servers accentuate reliability and manageability features, along with unrivalled flexibility in terms of implementation. For business applications that demand high performance, high availability and more flexibility, Acer Altos rack-mounted servers provide the ultimate solution.  Peripherals Acer Handheld PDAs These support a variety of mobile platforms and operating systems, giving customers easy access to their critical data. Streamlined and fashionable, Acer handhelds are available in both standard and wireless models for both work-related and personal tasks – any time, any place. Acer Displays Acer offers a rainbow-spectrum of devices that suit all kinds of working environments and user needs, including TFT and LCD monitors, optical drives, projectors and multi-function drives. Acer Projectors
They mainly vary in their computer compatibility, video compatibility, projection lens, projection screen size (diagonal), projection distance, lamp life etc. Study the brand awareness of Acer India in the cities Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore focusing on the segments students, SMEs and working profile. Research nature: This project is a complete market research. Market research is the only function that relates or links the organization to its market and in turn to its customers by first studying the consumer behavior which then helps in proper planning accordingly.
This is the valid information which allows the organization to identify and define the market related opportunities and problems. This information allows for the generation, refinement and evaluation of marketing activities. Regular market research and thorough study of the consumer behavior towards a company’s products permits the organization to be on par with the changing consumer attitude towards their products. It thus facilitates monitoring the marketing performance and improved understanding of marketing as a business process. Research scope:
The scope of this market research can be divided into two major divisions which include Demographic segmentation: In demographic segmentation, the market is divided into groups on the basis of variables such as age, family life cycle, gender, income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation, nationality and social class. Here the survey was taken by dividing the groups on the basis of age and occupation. The three main segment groups were college students, working profile (first and second job people) and the Small and Medium Enterprises (taking 40, 40 and 20 respectively).
The age factor was also set to be between18 to 40 and throughout the survey care was taken about the age limit. The data was collected from college students belonging to professional, agricultural, textile and arts background. To name a few the different colleges include PSG tech, Kumara guru college of technology, Alliance business academy, Indian Institute of Planning Management, Ohio University Christ college, Loyola college, Crescent Engineering college, Agricultural university( Coimbatore).
This variety was chosen so as to find out if any new market segment or untapped market can be spotted. The working profiled people also includes professionals from companies like Accenture, Oracle, Travel Guru, Roots, Pricol, Numeric power systems and so on Geographic segmentation: Geographic segmentation calls for dividing the market into different geographical units such as nations, states, regions, countries, cities or neighborhoods. The survey was carried on in three different cities namely Bangalore, Chennai and Coimbatore.
This was done in the intension of collecting information from two first tier cities where a large population already uses laptops and desktops. This was done to study the variation in the behavior and attitudes of these people and their inclination towards branded PC vendors. The choice of the two tier city Coimbatore was to study the perception of the laptops and desktops and their usage in the people’s mind. Also the perception of the different brands was noted with the main concentration on Acer products. This was done with the intention to explore the potential market there and their requirements.
Research tool: The research instrument used was a structured questionnaire covering the areas that lead to the solution of the objective. This includes measures like Acer’s market penetration, its visibility in comparison with other brands, awareness to their advertisements and promotions, the customer media habits, their perception towards Acer etc. Data compilation and analysis methodology: The sample size of three hundred was integrated and compiled in software called Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS).

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