S.A.G’s (Small Accountability Groups)

S.A.G’s are a great way to be plugged in to the community of believers, stay accountable and articulate your God given destiny! No-one has ever done great exploits for God without the help of other people.

Simple Overview: Meet with a small group of people (3-6) every week (gender specific). Pick a time and place. Hold the meetings for 1 hour.

Tasks to be accomplished: Decide on a scripture reading that you can do together each week. Ask the People Group questions below, pray for the opportunity to share your faith with one person in the next month.

S.A.G Questions:

  • If Jesus followed you around this last week, how would he compliment you today?
  • What is the condition of your soul?
  • How has the holy spirit prompted you this week? How have you done in obeying?
  • How has the enemy tried to lure you into addictive behaviors recently?
  • How have you blessed someone this week?
  • How have you sought to safeguard you heart’s purity by putting up barriers to sin?
  • What has God been speaking to your heart in your daily quiet times?
  • How can I encourage you to more spiritual obedience?
  • What things do you need to surrender to the Lord now?
  • What should we ask you right now to help you be the best you can be for God?

Please contact Charlie McCord – 417-489-1254 for more details.