Do you ever wonder if your life would be better with just a little more money? Of course you have! Maybe you want to buy more clothes, more music, or maybe you want to go to a concert with your friends.  Wanting money is a no-brainer, but is that all there is to it? Is our only role with money to spend what we have and want more when it’s gone? As students, it’s easy to feel powerless when it comes to cash. Someone else pays the bills. Someone else makes the decisions. The truth is, you have more power than you realize. You have the power to help your family, change your habits, and even impact others in a big way. The way you view and use money matters to God and when you choose to change the way you think about it, God can do some big things in you and even bigger things through you.

May 21
Think About It
Theme Scriptures: Proverbs 10:16; Matthew 6:21
Bottom Line: We don’t make money; it makes us.

How much money is in your pocket right now? Is it enough for a frappuccino? A movie ticket? A gumball? No matter how much money you have, you probably feel like it’s not much. Sure, you get a little for lunch or gas, but it’s not like you’re paying the mortgage. All of the important stuff is taken care of by someone else. You probably don’t worry about how the bills get paid or how much you pay for insurance. It’s easy to feel like money doesn’t really affect us. Maybe it causes tension in our house, and you probably wish we had more money, but what can you really do? Should money even matter when you’re a teenager? According to King Solomon and later, Jesus, the way we think about money, our attitude toward it and those who control it can make a huge impact on our lives and our relationships—even when we’re young. Because of that, money matters right now.

May 28
Fight For Your Right
Theme Scriptures: Hebrews 13:5; 1 Timothy 6:6-10
Bottom Line: Don’t let what you don’t have rob you of what you do have.

There’s just a great feeling that comes with buying something new which is convenient because there is always something new to buy. New game system. New sneakers. New phone. No matter how awesome our stuff is, there’s always a newer slightly-more-awesome version coming out soon. It’s completely normal to want it. The danger is when we confuse what we want with what we deserve. That’s called entitlement—and it’s a trap that can hold us back from really enjoying our lives. The good news is it doesn’t have to be that way. The writer of Hebrews tells us that there’s an alternative to entitlement, and when we choose it, we can enjoy something that no new gadget could ever give us. We can be free.

June 4
Breaking Bread
Theme Scriptures: Malachi 3:8-10; Acts 20:35; 2 Corinthians 9:6-7; John 6:7-13
Bottom Line: Jesus can make a big change with a small amount of change.

Any time there’s a disaster, earthquake, or tornado, one of the main things we can do to help out is give money. We’ve all seen how money used the right way can help people. Most of us would agree that it’s great thing to do. Maybe you even plan to participate…one day…eventually…when you have more than just a few bucks for lunch. Even if we’re in favor of being generous, most of us feel a little hesitant to give. We think that our tiny bit of cash isn’t enough to make any real impact on anyone’s life. The truth is, that’s just not true. We have more and can offer more than we realize. Through the story of a young boy on a fishing trip, we see that when we are generous, God can use even a small amount to make a big impact.