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Friendships play a huge role in teenage development. For the next 3 weeks, we will look at King David and his family to get a Biblical perspective on being the right friend to others and choosing the right friends for yourself. Click to find out more about what we will be talking about.

Have you ever been accused of being an overprotective parent? Whether your kids understand the weight of their accusations or not, it is our tendency as parents to hold on too long (even if our intentions are good). Read more to see how one parent learned a lesson from his grandparents about letting go and trusting God.

Just 1 week left to get your 6th-12th grade student registered for our district sports & talent retreat scheduled for March 7-8 in Independence, KS. Cost is only $10! To read more about the event and this year’s special guests or to print off forms, go to http://www.monettnazarene.org/empower.

In our latest Wednesday night series, we will look at how encountering Jesus flipped the lives of people upside down. We will discover what these encounters teach us about how Jesus would like to flip our own lives upside down.

Do your teenager’s mood swings drive you crazy? The bad news is there’s no quick fix because it’s a natural part of their development. The good news is there are practical ways you can walk peaceably through this stage of life with them. Read on!

Joy and happiness. One is eternal, the other temporal. One is a fruit of the Spirit, the other is a fruit of illusion. One stands even through trials, the other flees to hide in the face of suffering. Click to read more about our discussion on joy scheduled for the next 2 weeks.

“Actions speak louder than words.” And in the case of parent relationships with teenagers, they can open doors to more meaningful conversations and farther-reaching impact in a student’s life than our regularly unsolicited advice ever could.

Our students make up a generation that is all about causes and movements, which is one of a few reasons this generations has the potential to be truly great. Through the model of Jesus, students will learn how to MOVE and KEEP MOVING to make a lasting impact on the world.

Congratulations to our class winner. All students in the winning class who scored at least the overall average score for the semester among all classes (1800 pts) will have the opportunity to plan and participate in the class party. Also, congratulations to our Class MVP’s for the Fall 2013 semester! All MVP’s will receive a…

We’ll start the New Year of D.I.G. Sunday Night Bible Study by learning how to consume God’s Word for your spiritual health. Join us in January & February and develop an insatiable hunger to devour God’s Word.