AMPED Youth has a variety of ways for your students to connect:

Sund ay Morning Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. with 5th-6th grade students meeting in room 112 and 7th-12th grade students meeting upstairs in the youth room.

DI G (Diving In to God) is for 6th-12th grade students and meets on Sunday night’s from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Pastor Ken’s house. Come enjoy acoustic worship, Bible  study geared toward application, and fellowship with free snacks and games. You can contact Pastor Ralph or Pastor Ken for directions to the house.

Wednesday nights from 6:45-8 pm at the church for 5th-12th grade students is our primary meeting time. We start together for announcements, prayer, and saying our group Bible verse (Luke 9:23-24 is our verse for the 2013-14 school year). We then break into 2 large groups: The Mix for 5th-8th grade students & The Foundry for 9th-12th grade students. After church, all students and families are welcome to join us in fellowship at McDonald’s.

The Mix is our Wednesday night ministry for 5th-8th grade students. It’s called The Mix as a reminder of our goal for these middle school students to come into a close relationship with God and with each other during this unique time of life. Your student will enjoy an upbeat atmosphere and zany games before Pastor Ralph gives a Bible-based message. Finally, your student will join a grade and gender-specific small group chat to help them explore the evening’s concept deeper. In our time with your middle school student, we hope to connect them to Jesus,  minister to them personally, and equip them to minister others.

Why are 5th & 6th grade students in with the teens?

Two dynamics at work: Monett School Structure and Spiritual Receptivity!

Monett School system is divided into two segments by an Intermediate School (5th -6th grades) and a Middle School (7th-8th grades). We just felt led of the Lord to place those four grades together. 5th-6th graders seem “too big” for the children’s group, while 7th-8th graders seem “too little” for some of the high school issues. So, we put the two together, creating a more natural learning environment.

The second dynamic is the latest research on when people make a decision to follow Christ:
90% – that is 9 out of 10 people! – will make a decision to follow Christ by the age of 14. ( With this in mind, we felt it was absolutely necessary to give focused attention to this age group. Pastor Ralph and a host of other loving and very patient adults give laser focus to this age group each Wednesday night.

The Foun d ry is our Wednesday night ministry for 9th-12th grade students. A foundry is a factory that melts and  shapes raw metals into useable instruments, tools, and parts. In the same way, this ministry is designed to shape and mold students to be useful parts of God’s Kingdom. Pastor Ralph facilitates meaningful fellowship and brings relevant, Bible-based teaching each week. After the message, we break into grade and gender-specific small groups with incredible leaders that facilitate meaningful discussion, strengthen relationships, and equip students to successfully navigate life in high school.

Through these various opportunities, it is our desire to lead students to a meaningful relationship with Christ, build them up and equip them to grow in that relationship through personal relationships and partnering with you – the parent, and send them out into their world equipped to do the same. If you have any questions about our student ministry or need Godly counsel and encouragement regarding your family, please feel free to contact Pastor Ralph.