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The Buck Stops Here

Have you ever been shocked at the attitude of entitlement exhibited by teenagers today-maybe even your own teenager? Check out this Parent Cue to read more about how you, the parent, can work to help your student understand the difference between something they want and something they’re entitled to.


Do you ever wonder if your life would be better with just a little more money? Of course you have! Maybe you want to buy more clothes, more music, or maybe you want to go to a concert with your friends.  Wanting money is a no-brainer, but is that all there is to it? Is…

Too Much Pressure

Think About This Do you ever wonder if you’re that parent? You know the one. The imaginary bar determining your success as a parent is always just out of reach. Or maybe you worry about over-parenting. You know you should probably back off a little bit—but you can’t help but always push, expect, and encourage…