Monthly Archives: January 2014

Joy and happiness. One is eternal, the other temporal. One is a fruit of the Spirit, the other is a fruit of illusion. One stands even through trials, the other flees to hide in the face of suffering. Click to read more about our discussion on joy scheduled for the next 2 weeks.

“Actions speak louder than words.” And in the case of parent relationships with teenagers, they can open doors to more meaningful conversations and farther-reaching impact in a student’s life than our regularly unsolicited advice ever could.

Our students make up a generation that is all about causes and movements, which is one of a few reasons this generations has the potential to be truly great. Through the model of Jesus, students will learn how to MOVE and KEEP MOVING to make a lasting impact on the world.

Congratulations to our class winner. All students in the winning class who scored at least the overall average score for the semester among all classes (1800 pts) will have the opportunity to plan and participate in the class party. Also, congratulations to our Class MVP’s for the Fall 2013 semester! All MVP’s will receive a…

We’ll start the New Year of D.I.G. Sunday Night Bible Study by learning how to consume God’s Word for your spiritual health. Join us in January & February and develop an insatiable hunger to devour God’s Word.

Advertisements are everywhere, created to market a brand. What kind of brand is our church and our youth group marketing? What does the Bible teach us about creating a positive “brand” as God’s living advertisements for Christ?